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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is a safe, minimally-invasive procedure that helps eliminate unwanted tattoos. The laser tattoo removal procedure doesn’t hurt and effectively removes any part of your tattoo that you dislike or want to replace. The procedure involves focussing a beam of light on the surface of your skin in order to destroy any ink deposited within it. This causes the body cells surrounding the pigment along with the large pigment molecules to break down, which results in its disappearance over time.

Laser tattoo removal is a safe, effective, and permanent way to eliminate your tattoos.


Laser tattoo removal works by breaking up the pigment particles in the tattoo. The ink absorbs the laser energy, which then breaks down into smaller particles that are easily removed through your body's immune system.

The laser beam is applied to the tattoo over its surface in a series of passes that remove ink from its outer layers while leaving the underlying skin unharmed or at least less damaged. Laser tattoo removal is painful in some cases as the laser energy has to reach the pigment deposited in the deeper layers of the skin which also have the nerve fibers.

Laser tattoo removal is a relatively more expensive treatment than standard tattoo removal treatments. The cost of laser tattoo removal generally depends on the size and location of your tattoo, as well as how many sessions you need.

Importance Of Tattoo Removal Consultation

During your consultation, the doctor will explain the process and assess your tattoo. It is also to discuss about any questions or concerns you may have about laser tattoo removal treatment.

The appointment can last from a few minutes to an hour. However, it's essential to understand that not all cases are alike especially with regards to the duration of treatment. Some people may need just a few sessions, while others may require several sessions over several weeks or months. To a great extent the number of sessions also depends on the colour of your Tattoo, the depth of the ink (whether done by an amateur or professional), the colour of your skin and your pain threshold.

Before And After The Procedure

You should expect to be in the office for an hour or two. You'll be given topical anesthesia before being numbed with a local anaesthetic if required so that you won't feel any pain during the procedure. Afterward, you may experience some redness and swelling as your skin recovers from being treated by lasers. You'll also see some results after just one treatment!

Laser tattoo removal is a quick, minimal, and painless procedure that can remove up to 50% of your tattoo in a few sessions. The laser beam is applied directly onto the ink, causing it to break down into tiny particles that are then absorbed into your body through your skin. This process usually takes less than an hour, but if you have a giant tattoo or multiple tattoos, this may take up to two hours.

Post-Treatment Recovery And Side Effects

There are some side effects that you should be aware of. The redness and swelling associated with laser tattoo removal treatment will last up to two weeks, while the blistering can last up to three weeks. These symptoms may cause discomfort, but they shouldn’t be too severe or interfere with your daily life.

Scarring is another potential issue associated with this type of treatment, especially if it's done incorrectly or not treated immediately after your procedure has been completed. If you have any scars remaining after getting tattoos removed by lasers, then it may take longer than expected until they disappear entirely. You'll also want to avoid other treatments, like chemical peels, that could also cause scarring because these methods often leave behind new areas of discoloration on top of what was originally there before being permanently removed from your body.

Laser Tattoo Removal- Effective Way To Get Rid Of Inked Marks


A lot of people have unwanted tattoos, and laser tattoo removal is a great way to get rid of them. It's fast, effective, and safe.

  • It Removes Unwanted Ink
  • Laser tattoo removal is a safe, non-invasive, and effective way to remove unwanted tattoos. It's a good option for those who don't want them removed by other harmful methods, like cutting out the ink with a knife or using some acid solution. Laser tattoo removal can be used on any part of your body that has been inked including the face, neck, hands, and arms.

  • It's Fast And Effective
  • Laser tattoo removal is fast and effective. It's a safe way to remove tattoos with no downtime or pain. This is especially helpful if you have children or other people who rely on you for their care, laser tattoo removal will allow you to return home quickly after getting this procedure done.

  • It's Safe And Painless
  • Laser tattoo removal is fast and effective. It's a safe way to remove tattoos with no downtime or pain. This is especially helpful if you have children or other people who rely on you for their care, laser tattoo removal will allow you to return home quickly after getting this procedure done.

If you want to remove or eliminate an old or unwanted cosmetic tattoo, laser tattoo removal is the best option. It's a safe and effective way to remove unwanted ink from your body without having to worry about any side effects or complications. As with any other medical procedure, there are some risks involved with laser tattoo removal, but they're tiny compared to what you'd expect when getting a traditional cosmetic procedure. Laser tattoo removal is the best way to remove an unwanted tattoo

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to remove your unwanted tattoos, Dr. Mohan Thomas Aesthetics’s laser tattoo removal in Mumbai is the perfect solution. Assuring top-quality services and desired results, we provide state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal treatments to help you eliminate your unwanted tattoos. Our laser tattoo removal treatments use the latest technology to safely and effectively remove unwanted tattoos. The laser energy is carefully targeted at the tattoo pigment, breaking it down into tiny fragments that are cleared away by the body’s natural healing process. The treatments are usually completed in a few short sessions; most patients see results in as little as four to six treatments.

At Dr. Mohan Thomas Aesthetics, we understand that every person is different and therefore we offer a tailored approach to each client. We assure you of working closely to select the best laser treatment option for your needs. We use the latest technology to ensure that our laser tattoo removal treatments are safe, effective, and comfortable. We use advanced cooling systems to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

Answering questions to every google search targeting to ‘tattoo removal near me’, Dr Mohan Thomas aids with personalised solutions from consultation to treatment. Contact us today to learn more about our laser tattoo removal treatments and to arrange a consultation. We look forward to helping you get rid of your unwanted tattoos.


Frequently Asked Questions

The laser tattoo removal procedure in a medical office procedure which generally involves three steps:

  1. A numbing cream will be applied to your skin to reduce the pain of the laser treatment.
  2. You will be asked to lie down on your back with the area for tattoo fully exposed so the laser can target each ink particle within your tattoo.
  3. The Laser energy is now targeted on the tattoo to vaporize the particles. The energy used is different for different colour pigments.

Laser tattoo removal cost in India mainly depends on the size and type of tattoo and the number of treatments required. If you have a large piece that has taken years to accumulate, it can be more expensive than smaller ones. However, tattoo removal costs in India varies depending on the location and how many sessions you need to undergo to remove your ink.

It depends on the size and colour of your tattoo and its depth in your skin. The fact that you're getting a laser treatment means you want to ensure that there's no chance of any ink being left behind after the process. This makes this question hard to answer in one broad stroke, but here are some things we can say; The smaller an area is, the faster it will be gone when subjected to laser treatment. Tattoos with heavy black ink fade initially reduce very quickly but later more slowly than lighter pigments like reds or blues.

Laser tattoo removal is a very safe procedure, but you might experience some side effects. These include:

  1. Redness and swelling. The laser treatment causes redness, swelling, and itching in the area of the tattoo. This can last for up to a week after treatment has been completed. You may also notice small blisters or scabs develop on your skin during this time period as well.
  2. Temporary blisters/scars. Temporary scabs often form in areas where the energy has penetrated deeper or the skin is thin. These scabs will eventually fall off once they've healed up entirely.
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