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Female Genital Enhancement

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Female Genital Enhancement

With the increased longevity and delayed childbearing, genital rejuvenation has become a popular plastic surgical procedure. Multiple new techniques have been developed which can rejuvenate both male and female genitalia. The need to undergo genital rejuvenation surgery is as much aesthetic as it is functional. As one age, the fat distribution all over the body changes with the hormonal alterations in the body. This leads to abnormal fat deposition in the area above the genitals (Mons) in both men as well as women. This fat pillow is of a considerable discomfort not only aesthetically, but it also makes the genitalia appear sunken deep within. This is more evident in a standing position a pouch appears standing above one's genitals. It makes women feel embarrassed because of the appearance of a masculine crotch due to fullness in the area, and in males it makes the penis appear smaller as it gets buried in the fat pouch. Apart from aging, childbirth also leads to a number of changes in the female genitalia. To name a few these include, widening of the vaginal; canal, enlargement and darkening of the labia minora, and atrophy of the outer lips of the vagina (labia majora). These changes not only make the area look ugly but also make it difficult to have normal sexual intercourse as well as maintain hygiene of the perineum.

Who are the ideal candidates for genital rejuvenation procedures in a female?

  • Laxity of the vaginal canal
  • Prominent inner lips of the vagina
  • Sunken outer lips of the vagina
  • Masculine appearance of a crotch in females wearing tights
  • Seek more youthful, attractive genitals after bearing children.
  • Heightened sexual pleasure

What are the different types of genital rejuvenation surgeries in ladies?

  • Labiaplasty (to reduce and reshape the inner lips and or outer lips of the vagina)
  • Vaginoplasty (tightens the vaginal canal)
  • Mons Pubis Reduction involves removal of fat from mons pubis by liposuction or direct excision if there is skin as well as fat excess. Hymenoplasty involves recreation of the hymen by suturing the remains of the ruptured hymen. This is popular among illiberal women of certain religions that insist brides must be virgins before marriage. As the vaginal walls are tightened, the procedure helps heighten sexual satisfaction.
  • Clitoroplasty for reducing the length and protrusion of the clitoral hood and clitoris for females who are self-conscious about the projection of the clitoris.
  • Fat transfer to labia majora to give the outer lips of the vagina a fuller appearance.
  • G-Spot Enhancement: The demand for this procedure usually comes from the females who want to give more fullness to a particular area in the wall of the vaginal canal to attain a more intense and deeper orgasm. Also, it allows achieving an orgasm with less difficulty. This can be attained by injection of fillers or fat beneath the localized G spot.


    Some ladies have a genetic predisposition to have prominent MONS (area above the pubic bone) which becomes very visible as a female crotch when wearing tight pants. This area is usually covered in pubic hairs and is most visible when people have put on weight after body contouring surgery. This can be addressed safely by Laser or traditional liposuction at our Institute. This is a day care procedure, and pressure garments are not necessary, but suggested. The area of excess fat deposit on the mons extending into the labia majora is marked, and tumescent fluid is infiltrated through a small needle prick. After waiting for 15 mins the excess fat is sucked out using microcannulas so as to achieve a painless outcome with minimal downtime. Expect bruising and swelling in the area which will reduce in a few days.


    A clitoris is the most sensitive part of the female genital region as there is a large number of nerve endings in the tip. This organ is akin to the male glans of the penis and becomes engorged during sexual stimulation. The Clitoris, when covered by a prepuce, is called “Hooding of the Clitoris." This is a condition when corrected improves the sexual gratification. Cosmetic alterations in this region are focused on a surgical intervention which transforms the clitoral prepuce to a more pleasing appearance with preservation of function. A surgery for aesthetic motives is usually needed when the clitoral frenulum is enlarged, asymmetric or over-pigmented or any combination thereof. This surgery exposes the tip of the clitoris so as to make sex more pleasurable.


    The vaginal opening is surrounded by skin flaps which are erogenous in nature. These skin structures are engorged with blood during the sexual act. Reduction labioplasty is the most common treatment for ladies dissatisfied with elongated, asymmetric or hyperpigmented labial tissue. People with large labia minora usually complain of discomfort in the area when wearing tight undergarments and during cycling. The labial tissue gets caught in the garments and is very painful. We use the universally acclaimed wedge resection with flap transposition technique which accomplishes the following: Reduction in the size of the labia. Preservation of natural edges, contour, shape, and sensation.


    Aging, giving birth, and inherited irregularity affect thick/hairy part of a female external organ (labia majora). We have ways to transform the labia majora to a more youthful appearance by: Rejuvenating labia majora by transferring your own fat to the desired areas. Sufficient amount of fat is harvested from the abdomen or thighs. Live fat cells are separated which are then injected into the subcutaneous fat layer giving it the desired fullness as well as a youthful appearance.


    ‘G’ spot is the vaginal erotogenic zone, the “Gräfenberg zone” in the intervening tissue between the vagina and the urethra. The G-spot has been adapted by the medical communities and the public-at-large around the globe as a term for female expression of sexuality. This area is augmented by the use of fillers or your own fat cells (ADSC’s) so that the surface gets a better contact with the male shaft during intercourse. Increased nerve stimulation causes a better climax for the lady.


    Hymen, a very thin film of tissue at the vaginal opening can be worn out during sex or other physical activity like dancing, gymnastics, cycling injuries or using the tampons. Moreover not all hymens bleed when they tear for the first time, they don’t “break.” Loss of integrity in the Hymen can happen in people who are very active in sports or undertake strenuous activities like bicycle riding, horse riding, gymnastics or dancing. Hymenoplasty procedure restores the integrity of the hymen and is very commonly called Revirgination surgery.


    Childbirth and increasing age cause natural loosening of the vagina and loss in its tone. More than one normal delivery weakens the vaginal muscles significantly, and, even in people who have not gone through normal deliveries, aging causes the vagina to stretch, and reduced hormones cause dryness thus making the vagina feel very roomy. Vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that involves bringing the lax and separated muscles back together, thereby tightening the vagina in the process. This surgery improves sexual satisfaction and the sexual response by increasing the contact between the sexual organs thus increasing sensitivity.

Describe Vaginoplasty procedure

    Once the surgery has been confirmed, and all necessary test have been reviewed, the date is set for the surgery. This procedure is usually undertaken with general anesthesia and some cases under spinal anesthesia. The vaginal opening and the internal walls are assessed for laxity. Amount of tightening required in the vaginal wall is measured. An excess lining of the vaginal wall is removed, the underlying muscles are tightening using absorbable sutures to achieve a sling and closure of the incision is done using absorbable sutures. 2 to 3 finger tightening is usually achieved which not only provides improved sexual gratification to the partners but also supports the posterior vaginal wall which improves constipation as well as urinary stress incontinence if present. The surgery usually takes about an hour and you should have recovered and ready to go home in about 4 hours.


Frequently Asked Questions

We like to assist our clients with a knowledgeable and in-depth collective approach to answer for all your queries and fears with our FAQ mega-base.

The essential requirement before undertaking surgery involves an examination of the genital area. In the presence of a nurse, Dr. Mohan Thomas assesses the shape and tone of the vaginal tract, examines the labia and the surrounding skin for loss of volume and rules out prolapse of the urinary bladder and uterus. He will also advise you to stop smoking weeks prior to the procedure which continues two weeks after. Smoking during surgery hampers blood flow leading to delayed healing and also slows down significantly the body’s immunity. The surgery is ideally performed when the menstrual cycle is over so that the lady has 2 weeks of unhindered healing. This will allow the operated area to heal in time so as not to cause you any discomfort during your next cycle.

All those ladies who have undergone normal vaginal deliveries and feel that their vaginas are roomy can opt for this procedure. It is also indicated in ladies who feel that there is a mismatch between the vaginal canal and the penis of their partner. Older ladies who have vaginal laxity due to loss of vaginal tissue secondary to hormonal changes can also opt for it.

All those people who would plan to have pregnancies and opt for vaginal delivery should not consider this procedure till family is complete.

The immediate complication of this surgery can be difficulty urinating due to reduced pain sensation and bleeding from the vagina. These are rare and can be treated by catheterization and compression in the stitch line. Long term complications may include a blood clot, infection, too tight or inadequate tightness of the vagina and very rarely leakage of urine or stools.

Like all surgeries and treatments, you will be advised not to lift heavy objects as they can put a strain on the site of surgery. You should stay away from bathing in the swimming pool, sea water or hot tub during your healing period. You are advised to go back to your normal activities including sexual intercourse activities after 12 weeks time.

The results of vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation surgery are usually permanent in the case of most patients. But, the vagina can go to its original sagging state if the patient undergoes any future vaginal childbirth after the procedure.

An alternative to vaginoplasty is the use of technology such as Ultrasound, Radiofrequency, and Laser treatments. The instrument probes are inserted into the vagina, and the technology is fired circumferentially on the vaginal wall. These technologies are expected to stimulate the tightening of the vaginal wall by collagen modification due to heat generation. However, this alternative treatment method will not prove to be very beneficial for patients with too much vaginal laxity.

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