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Body Contouring After Weight Loss

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Body Contouring After Weight Loss

With the problem of obesity approaching epidemic proportions, an increasing number of patients who have had bariatric surgery or who lost large quantities of weight on their own by healthy eating and exercises are now turning to cosmetic surgeons for body contouring to remove excess skin remaining after massive weight loss. These procedures are now in high demand.

After metabolic surgery or bariatric surgery, there is a massive weight loss. This is also possible after people have lost a lot of weight by strict dieting and exercise done over a very short period of time. As a part of this process, the subcutaneous fat along with the body fat is lost. This results in the 'deflation' of the skin envelop, leading to an ugly appearance of various soft tissue folds along the body. These can be dealt with body contouring surgeries collectively referred to as the “lifts”.

The parts of the body which need attention are typically the abdomen, chest, thighs, and buttocks in males, whereas it includes other apart from all the above areas, breasts and upper arms in females. The procedures need to be staged as all of them are major surgical procedures requiring general anesthesia and hospitalization after the procedure.

The first sitting involves abdominoplasty or the circumferential body lifts. In the females, this may be combined with Mons lift to deal with the droopy Mons. Secondly, the chest and the upper arms are done together in the chest lift and the brachioplasty. The last to be done is the thigh lift.

These procedures are typically staged at six monthly intervals allowing the body to come out from the stress of previous surgery and the wounds to heal in between. Following the procedure, the patient is given compression garments to wear over the operated area for a period of four to six weeks. All these procedures result in scars which are usually placed strategically so as to hide them in the undergarment lines or in the body creases.


Frequently Asked Questions

We like to assist our clients with a knowledgeable and in-depth collective approach to answer for all your queries and fears with our FAQ mega-base.

Yes. It is important to achieve a normal BMI as close to ideal for your height. The reason being that if weight is lost after body contouring then there can be further looseness of the skin thus, compromising on the result. So the dictum is to maintain your weight to within 2 kgs after body contouring following massive weight loss.

Just like any major surgery, it is important to assess different parameters associated with Liver, Kidney, Heart and Hormonal functions. Massive weight loss is usually associated with nutritional deficiencies such as reduced hormone and protein levels. These have to be optimized before the decision about surgery is taken in the absence of which it may compromise on healing, and may be associated with major life-threatening complications. It is important to stop blood thinners and monitor blood sugar levels before surgery.

Since body contouring surgery after massive weight loss involves skin removal and tightening in various parts of the body, it is imperative that all factors that aid healing should be within normal levels. Surgery undertaken without control of different parameters can cause complications like infection, scar widening, and pigmentation, non-healing of wounds, etc. Life-threatening complications like blood clots in legs and lung and fluid in the lungs are possible due to prolonged surgery with no backup hospital admission to monitor the patient. Hence, it is suggested that such sureties should only be carried out at well-equipped hospitals by well-trained Surgeons like Dr. Mohan Thomas.

Since weight loss is associated with skin looseness in the arms, breast, abdomen, back, buttocks, and thighs, it is not possible to operate in all the areas without subjecting the patient to unnecessary risks. Usually, the first stage of the surgery usually involves the shaping of the midriff which includes tightening the abdomen, lifting the outer thighs, reducing the back and flank bulges as well as lifting the buttocks. The second stage of the surgery is based on the patient's concern and may include breast reshaping and/or arm and thigh lift.

Body contouring is a very safe surgery is carried out by well experienced and trained surgeons. A well-equipped hospital set-up along with the support of an Intensivist who is well acquainted with fluid changes and a fully qualified Anesthesiologist is paramount for a safe outcome.

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